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Sam Abraham Software Engineer/Architect: Putting Customers First .Net 4.0
Tool Review: Telerik JustDecompile
In the next few lines, I will be providing a brief review of Telerik’s JustDecompile, a free .Net decompiler and assembly browser. In using Telerik’s 2012 Q3 JustDecompile release, one can see many great features. First off, I loved the built-in options for loading .Net assemblies automatically using the Open->Load Framework menu option. Other options enable loading assemblies from GAC, XAP URL or locally from disk. The ability to create an “Assembly List” is quiet handy for grouping and saving ......

Posted On Thursday, November 15, 2012 6:51 PM

Book Review: Professional WCF 4
My Investigation of WCF internals have set the right stage to revisit Professional WCF 4 by Pablo Cibraro, Kurt Claeys, Fabio Cozzolino and Johann Grabner. In this book, the authors dive deep into all aspects of the WCF API in a reading targeted towards intermediate and advanced developers. Book quality so far as presentation, code completeness, content clarity and organization was superb. The authors have taken a hands-on approach to thoroughly covering the WCF 4.0 API with three chapters totaling ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 11, 2012 1:41 AM

West Palm Beach Dev Group August 2012 Meeting Recap
As the saying goes, it’s better late than never. Such is the case with my overdue West Palm Beach Dev Group August 2012 meeting report. Our August meeting was full of both knowledge and adventure. It comes as no surprise that the knowledge was brought to us by our favorite DotNetNuke Technical Evangelist, Will Strohl. Will introduced and thoroughly presented the new social features in DNN 6.2. Unfortunately, our meeting date coincided with Hurricane Isaac having just passed us by. Aside from road ......

Posted On Thursday, September 6, 2012 7:10 PM

West Palm Beach .Net User Group with Chris Eargle - February 22nd, 2011

Sharing some photos and details on our West Palm Beach .Net User Group February 22nd, 2011 with Chris Eargle.

Posted On Thursday, February 24, 2011 10:07 PM

My upcoming Talk: Introducing PRISM/MEF for the Agile Developer - February 2012

I would like to share that I will be speaking at the Deerfield Beach Coders Café on February 7th, 2012 6:30 PM and South Florida Code Camp on February 18th, 2012; on concepts behind PRISM and MEF including IoC Containers, Composition, Dependency Injection, Loose-coupling and Inheritance. More details in this blog post.

Posted On Tuesday, January 24, 2012 12:35 PM

Upgrading VSCommands2010

VSCommands2010 adds multiple convenient features to Visual Studio 2010. This post outlines an issue I ran into when upgrading to the latest tool version and the steps I took to resolve it.

Posted On Monday, May 23, 2011 9:36 AM

All in a Day's Work: The Silverlight Navigation Framework

Looking at the Silverlight 3 and 4 Navigation Framework Library for URI Mapping.

Posted On Thursday, June 9, 2011 2:47 PM

Debugging Install Functions in Visual Studio 2010

Looking at the System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() and the System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch() calls.

Posted On Tuesday, May 24, 2011 11:24 AM

Updated: Running ASP.Net MVC3 Alongside ASP.Net WebForms in the Same Project

Revisiting the side-by-side setup of ASP.Net MVC 3 and ASP.Net WebForms in the same project. (UPDATED 2/26/2011)

Posted On Thursday, February 24, 2011 1:05 PM

NuGet, ASP.Net MVC and WebMatrix - DB Coders Cafe - March 1st, 2011 With Sam Abraham

Sharing on my upcoming talk on NuGet at the Deerfield Beach Coders cafe on March 1st, 2011.

Posted On Sunday, February 20, 2011 9:55 PM

South Florida .Net Code Camp - February 12th, 2011

Later this week, I will be heading to our annual South Florida .Net Code Camp, an all-day free “Geek Fest” taking place on February 12th, 2011. This year’s code camp will be conveniently taking place at Nova Southeastern University in Ft Lauderdale. Find out more details in this blog post.

Posted On Wednesday, February 9, 2011 8:25 AM

Leveraging .Net 4.0 Framework Tools For Encrypting Web Configuration Sections

A look at the tools available in the .Net 4.0 Framework for web.config file protection. We cover how to use aspnet_regiis.exe to encrypt the connectionstrings config section and touch upon the aspnet_setreg.exe for protecting certain sections needed on startup by the .Net runtime.

Posted On Monday, January 17, 2011 11:49 AM

Fun Upgrading to .Net 4.0

This blog post Outlines some considerations when upgrading to ASP.Net 4.0

Posted On Thursday, December 23, 2010 10:01 AM

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