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I was having a nagging feeling that I am not making use of the GMail's space that's allocated to me effectively. Thats when I came across GMail Drive which allows you to use your GMail space as a virtual online storage medium.

The creator had mentioned that the program breaks whenever GMail makes modifications, but the when I checked with latest version it was working fine.

Just to make sure, I had written to gmail support asking them if this particular software is allowed to be used along with their service, but all I got was a very generic reply from gmail as follows:


Thank you for your message.

To learn more about all of Gmail's features, you can visit the Help Center at, or by clicking 'Help' at the top of any Gmail page within your account. The Help Center offers answers to frequently asked questions, and explains our product's features in detail.

If you'd like help with a technical issue, visit: to find solutions.

We hope you enjoy Google's approach to email.


The Gmail Team

Well … that didn't help really. I have had written them back stating that it didn't help me, for which they haven't replied yet.


So, if or not the software usage is allowed by GMail still remains a mystery. But what the heck, I am going to use it anyway.

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