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Exploring SharePoint 2013 Online

Developing Nintex Workflows

Exploring SharePoint 2013

Acquired MCPD : SharePoint 2010 Developer

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SharePoint 2013

Easy Tabs is a 3rd party javascript library that allows site designers to place webparts in a tabbed format on a page. It is Pure Javascript. Doesn't require JQuery/ JQueryUI libraries to work. Because of layout/element changes in SharePoint 2013, the current version will not work as it is. I debugged the code and fixed it. Now it works well in SharePoint 2013! Well, implementation is simple. Copy the code below and save it as .txt file. (Or download the htm code file directly from URLs given in ......

SharePoint 2010 has Breadcrumb option which helps user to know in which level he is in. Especially when user is in 4-5 level deep sub folder on any library, the Breadcrumb icon shows the level clearly. You can't find it in SharePoint 2013 by default. Is it gone? "No! It's hidden." Well, how to bring it back? You can do it in Out-Of-The-Box seatle / oslo master page (Not recommended) or in the Custom Master page. If you don't have custom master page then follow below steps. Otherwise move to next ......