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Welcome to my new blog about user interfaces! In this first entry I will try to give you an overview what you can expect to find here in the future.


With the increasing performance of embedded hardware and the spread of smartphones there´s a growing wish for highly interactive user interfaces also in other environments where embedded systems are in use. These may be HMIs for industrial application, health care systems and many more. If you want to develop such a system (or if your boss wants you to do so), one of the first tasks on your list may be to select the framework and tools for building the user interface.

There are many different ui frameworks and tools, each of them supporting different operating systems, hardware platforms, graphics accelerators, being based on different concepts. Although many of them support a development process that separates the tasks for the ui designer and the developer, they differ considerably in detail.


In this blog I want to give you an overview of the frameworks and tools  available for building embedded user interfaces and try to compare them to make the selection easier. As there are so many tools I will not be able to cover them all, so I you think there´s a great technology or tool missing please let me know.


Stay tuned…

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