July 2013 Entries

DDD East Anglia Cambridge, 29th June 2013 – a review
Cambridge This one day conference was held on Saturday, 29th June, in The Hauser Forum on the Cambridge Science Park, to the west of the city. It was a fantastic venue, with three seminar rooms, a spacious atrium for enjoying lunch and coffee breaks, and a balcony in the sunshine overlooking some ponds and farmer's fields. Cambridge was very easy for me to get to from London, and is a rather attractive city, with the only downside being the clash with graduation weekend which meant the hotel rooms ......

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DDD East Anglia, 29th June 2013 - Async Patterns presentation and source code
Many thanks to the team in Cambridge for an awesome first conference DDD East Anglia. I definitely appreciate how each of the different areas have their own distinctive atmosphere and feel. Thanks to some great sponsors we enjoyed a great venue and some excellent nibbles. For those who attended my Async my source code and presentation are available on GitHub, https://github.com/westleyl... If you are new to Git then the easiest client to install is GitHub for Windows, a graphical ......

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