February 2007 Entries

Rotating monitor without installing pivot software, courtesy of the latest ATI Catalyst
I was reinstalling my HP nc6000 laptop after putting in a new 100Gb drive and went through the process of installing the latest ATI Catalyst drivers for the standard Radeon series (v6.11 for Windows XP Pro, desktop version) and there are finally options to rotate displays, including proper support for rotating either one or both of my desktops. Handy, as you don't want to rotate the LCD panel on the laptop, but the rotating the external monitor is really handy. I love editing Word documents in A4 ......

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Wake On LAN remotely via your broadband connection - with a LinkSys WRT54G
The problem I am moving my server and main development system out of a home office into rented office space. As I'm only going to be in the office two of three days a week, and being a hippy environmental type, I wanted to ensure my file server was not always switched on. Anything to reduce my carbon footprint a fraction. The solution WakeOnLan was the perfect solution I thought. I configured the server in the BIOS to start up on a Wake On LAN packet. With this I can turn on the server, and once ......

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Is my web site still running - free for one URL
Most may already know of http://www.siteuptime.com which can verify the availability of your website, but for those who don't you can try out their free service. It's great to monitor the reliability of your hosting provider, and know when any services you might be hosting might be out of action. You receive an e-mail when the site becomes unavailable, and then can optionally receive another e-mail when the site comes back up again. I've used the free service it to monitor the homepage of my main ......

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Finally, I have a Cisco VPN client that works with ZoneAlarm
I had been using the Cisco VPN client v4.6 that got so upset by ZoneAlarm (Security Suite) 6.x that it refused to connect to any remote sites. I had to shutdown ZoneAlarm completely to be able to connect, not a great move security wise. Yesterday I installed the latest version of the Cisco VPN client, 4.8, and hey presto it works fine with ZoneAlarm. I have been informed by a good friend Peter Ibbotson that Cisco embedded portions of ZoneAlarm in it's previous client software and that's why the two ......

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Interview with Liam Westley at WebDD - part of podcast from 4chapsfromblighty
If you want to here my initial reactions to WebDD in person, check out http://www.4chapsfromblighty.com where I pontificate about the ideal of separating the roles of developers from designers. Thanks to Guy Smith-Ferrier for taking the time out to capture my opinion.

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WebDD, 3 February 2007 - Another excellent community event
Having spoken at the normal DDD community events in the UK I was looking forward to the combined nature of WebDD which was aimed at both developers and designers interested in web technologies. Similar to DDD Microsoft UK hosted the event in their UK headquarters in Reading, and provided a quality lunch and refreshments, and the excellent bonus of a fully licensed version of Expression Web for every attendee. The hope for a 50/50 split between developers and designers wasn't quite achieved, developers ......

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Trac project management - how we mark a ticket for testing
I use a Trac/SubVersion combination from www.hosted-projects.com for my source code control and project management, including for some of my clients. However, the work flow for marking items as requiring testing isn't really there when you don't have dedicate test teams who can be given ownership of tickets for testing. We tried adding items to the keywords field but it doesn't appear on all the default reports and is generally hard to use. We think we have a solution though. When a ticket is resolved ......

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