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DDD5 - thanks to the organisers for another top event
Saturday saw me off to Microsoft in Reading for DDD5. The first DDD where I didn't inflict myself on the delegates; unless you got caught in the taxi with me to and from the station. Not preparing any presentations made it much easier to mingle and have a chat with other delegates. It's always impressive to see people giving up a day off to come and see a bunch of real developers talking on such a great range of topics. I was well impressed from a developer from Northern Ireland who I chatted to ......

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DDD5 - registration now open, get signed up
The premier community .NET developer event is back on 30 June 2007. You can find out details here, and register for the event at the Microsoft events site here. And if you needed an incentive to sign up ... my session hasn't been voted in so it's a Liam free event. Technorati tags: ddd5, ddd ......

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DDD5 voting now open - get your mouse clicking
Vote for your favourite seesions for DDD5 here and set the agenda yourself. OK, I've got a session in there, but it is very old style programming (Windows services !!!) but there's some great up to date techie talks as well as the more interesting (in my opinion) fundamentals presentations which tend to provide a more personal view to sofware development. Technorati tags: ddd5, ddd ......

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