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Lately I have bought myself few digital goods that I am going to play with for a while. Nearly 10 days back I bought myself a digital Camera. The Camera is Kodak DX 6490 . This is my first digital Camera. The camera is 4 Mega Pixel and 10x Optical Zoom with very professional looks (atleast I think that). I am not into photography but want to get my steps into it and atleast want to make myself capable enough to take good photos. My wife loves photos and she loves getting photos taken of her. Any pointers to improving on photography or tips and tricks would be appreicated.

The other think I would want suggestions on is where should I host my photos. I have seen sites such as Sony Imagestation, is there any other recommendations?

The other two digital items that I bought today was Creative Zen Touch Mp3 Player ( 20 GB)& Creative Muvo2 ( 4 GB). OK I cannot say that they are mine as I bought it as a gift for my brother and brother-in-law. But I will be testing them for few days and if I like them than I will buy one of them for myself. By the time I buy them the prices would have dropped too. Not to mention I will do the testing of listening to podcasting on these ones. Thanks to Inge, Babynerd, Jemimus and TDavid for their suggestion to my previous post of Podcasting . TDavid is teaching is son on building a website and is also doing podcasting. The website can be found at .TDavid good luck to you.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Sunday, October 31, 2004 12:40 AM Misc. | Back to top

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