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Google Desktop is here. There are many articles on this but here is one from I won't go into what features it contains and what not, this information can be found on the web and on Google website itself. Yes, I did install it straigt away. My findings... It crashed my powerful P 4 system with 2 GB of RAM on it 4 times until I uninstalled it from this system. It just won't let me do anything with it. The moment I open Google Desktop, it will just hang up. I went to another system of mine running Windows XP SP2 and installed it there. Works like a charm. It's fast on indexing.

Does this mean that this could be the end of other blooming tools like X1, Blinkx and other desktop search tools? Or does this mean that this could be the start of fast innovation in the desktop search arena? Or both or neither ? Google Desktop will have most of the features I wished for in any desktop search tool. Below is the list of features I want for now :-

  1. To be able to search all my hard disk on the computer
  2. To be able to search most of the file contents on my system
  3. Integration of Gmail search into Google Desktop search (this makes sense, isn't it ?)
  4. To be able to search my Trillian chat files
  5. Let me decide what all folders I want to get indexed (just like Lookout)
  6. Ability to index connected network drive ( I realise that this could kill the network, but if I am in a business environment, I would probably have all my files and folders on a share which is hosted on the server)
  7. Inclusion of 'Similar items' under each search result, just as we have in normal Google
  8. More to think.

Would like to see how others software firms developing desktop search products react to Google Desktop and what they have to say about it.

In the mean while I am going to try and install the tool again on my powerful box and see what happens.

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, October 15, 2004 7:06 AM Tools | Back to top

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