First let me say that my sense of humor is twisted.  You may not agree with me on this one.

Carl Franklin and crew who bring you .NET Rocks, a mostly serious podcast about all things .NET, have added a new outlet for their warped sense of humor.  Now they already had Mondays, which keeps me in laughing until I cry on my drive to and from work.  I now know why that show has been more irregular than usual in being produced.  Mark Miller now has his own show called Millahseconds.  It is a skit style story telling format for no subject is off limits.  It is also shorter than ten minutes so you won't lose much time checking it out. 

Now there is a second show that has been added to the collection which, although I didn't care for it, some of you might like.  Rory Blyth also has a set of short podcast called The Smartest Man In The World.  They are in a story format, but it is almost more like poem reading.  It does make you wonder if Mark Miller is right about Rory.