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Something interesting and pretty darn cool/funny has happened recently.

I drive to work early every day. I like to get in and get my day started before the madness begins. It's a calm moment to get my mind right before it starts. This also allows me to avoid some of the crazy traffic that can happen between home and the office. In order to get fired up for the day, I tend to have my windows down and music blasting. I have rather broad music tastes, so there's no telling what I might be listening to on any given morning.

I noticed recently that when I go to work, there's this kid on a corner at which I am usually stopped waiting on a green light. He's wearing his school uniform and backpack. Prolly only 10 years old or so. One day, as I sat at the light, I noticed his head was bobbin'. He could hear the music and he liked it. I thought that was pretty cool. Once the light turned green, I drove past and gave him the "Dio hand" (you metal heads know what I mean). He laughed at this and waved. The next day, I drove past and played something very heavy (early Metallica, I think) and he gave me the same gesture and bobbed his head. Apparently, he liked what heard. Nice.

Next day, I tried something a little more obscure...some Concrete Blonde...Joe Rocker (as I began to think of him) was unimpressed. No reaction. Ok, I thought the other days were a fluke. Next day, however, I tried something different (forget what it was) and I got a head bob, but no Dio hand.

So, the natural analyst in me starting working on this and I deduced that: no reaction == no like, headbob==ok and headbob+Dio hand==rockin!.

So, now I try to think of music to try each day. I am like the Pandora of the corner as I am starting to dial in on his taste and can almost predict what he'll like and what he won't. Interesting experiment, I think. I am learning this kid's music taste and most likely exposing him to stuff he's never heard...but I've never met him nor will I ever.

I intend to post some updates as Joe Rocker and I explore this. :-)

FWIW: here's some reactions I remember from the last few weeks:

Stone Sour - Pieces: Head Bob

Fleetwood Mac - I'm so afraid: Dio Hand (surprise for me)

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire: No reaction

Metallica - Master of Puppets: Dio Hand

Nina Simore - Feelin' Good: Head Bob

Concrete Blonde - Joey: No reaction

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