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Theo Moore Questions... Morphology? Longevity? Incept dates? November 2008 Entries
Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight!

Sheri and I are going to see TSO for the third time tonight. If you've not seen them, you oughta. We managed to get third row seats this year, and we've never been closer. This is something I hope will become a holiday tradition for us (it may already if 3 times counts as a tradition).

I can hardly wait!

Posted On Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:13 AM

TestComplete: A very brief review
PLEASE NOTE: THESE WORDS ARE MY ONLY MY OPINION. SPARE ME THE EXERCISE OF DELETING YOUR COMMENTS AND LAUGHING AT YOU IF YOU FLAME ME OVER THEM, TROLLISH ONE! ***BEGIN EDIT*** There is a gentleman who has commented on this particular post who, it seems to me, wants to argue semantics. Upon checking his blog, I have determined that he has a particular axe to grind with regards to "automated testing" (a term, it would appear, he considers an oxymoron). As I am not particularly interested in a philosophical ......

Posted On Wednesday, November 12, 2008 9:34 AM

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