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What, Why and How Windows Azure 2009 Platform……
  • is an internet-scale cloud service platform hosted in Microsoft data center
  • a platform which provides operating system, a set of developer services that can be used individually or together.
  • a platform for running Windows applications and storing their data in the cloud.
  • a platform where all services (.NET Services, SQL Server, Live Services) installed which can be used by the applications
  • a platform where the code and/or data live in the cloud (internet), where somebody manages the system to use it
  • provides flexibility to run the application, store the data in the cloud or inside premise or both
  • there is a plan that Azure 2009 support unmanaged code as well i.e., the application are not built on .NET framework….. Its a great news.

Why (the benefits)


  • no buying, installing, operating cost (hosted on the cloud, and maintained by someone else)
  • pay just for the computing and storage use rather then maintaining a large set of servers
  • can control the behavior of the application in the cloud by changing the information in the config file
  • can create, configure, monitor application using a browser-accessible portal using Windows Live ID
  • provides capability to use/integrate existing on-promises web applications
  • provides multiple internet protocols HTTP, REST, SOAP, and XML.
  • provides ready for consumption such as Windows Live, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Exahange Online, SharePoint Online etc.

Cost…. Cost… Cost…


  • no buying, installing, operating cost
  • eliminates the need for planning, purchasing, and provisioning expensive hardware
  • manages critical operating system updates and management tasks, and letting to focus on the user needs
  • Turns capital expenses into operating expense
  • a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which provides high availability and dynamic scaling to match the usage of needs
  • For actual cost of Azure – pls visit Pricing & Licensing site
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