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dndn Last night was the first user group meeting of 2008, and it was my first meeting - I have blogged about it before, just being the socially inept loner that I am!!, I just haven't got round to going.

The presentation was on Test Driven development TDD (Another post coming on that!) from a guy called Craig Murphy - this is a really interesting subject to me as we adopt TDD as best we can, it does however sometimes gives way to deadlines!! It was reassuring to see that we go about TDD in the right way (mostly).

The talk on TDD overran some what so the second part of the talk, which was on FinalBuilder, was cut very short, to be honest this was not a bad thing - although Craig had no association with Vsoft it was a bit like a sales pitch...I think it would have been better to show a free, or at least cheap already discussed on my blog I use CruiseControl, which although is a different product with far less features, is free and does build automation with MSBuild, Unit Tests and deployment just fine - well better than fine :)

You can get the slides and source code for the TDD talk (he uses an apparently well known "Convert numbers to Roman numerals" example that I have never heard of, but was well suited to the demo!), its well worth a look as he introduces the fundamentals of building tests along side code, with a strong emphasis on refactoring as you go, once the tests are complete - more coming soon!

Plug for Guy (the main organiser): Check the video for the user group on the homepage - next month is Daniel Moth on VS 2008 and .net 3.5 - see you there perhaps???


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