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Rather than restoring a SQL database from one environment to the other another option is to fill the test database with generated data which yo have full control over - enter Redgates SQL DataGenerator for SQL - this tool is fully configurable and allows you to use data from a number of different sources as well as different types of sources, txt files ......

Jan 08
Can he win the Grand Slam of golf in a calendar year? - would be remarkeable but he is supernatural and the best sportsman on the planet.

I am little behind the times when it comes to unit testing and so I'd like your recommendations for what you use and what you like dislike about unit testing you .net code - discuss.

My xboxb 360 is back repaired so that was 17 days from the day it RROD until I got it back tonight - phew i'ts on, and fingers crossed it doesnt do the red ring of death ever again.

p.s. Turns out the motherboard had to be replaced.


Hi Folks Decided in 2008 to read a lot more - have a fair bit of spare time and not putting it to much use. I'ts been a while since I read some of code complete 2 and I'm looking for some inspiration - I read plenty of blogs but really want a good book and open to suggestions on lots of differnet topics. I am mainly a Microsft Net developer and I've ......

Today my xbox 360 bit the dust and has the infamous red ring of death - Its Sunday 6th Jan and I'm going to blog about the experience with Microsoft support and see how my extended 3 year warranty is handled by them.

How long does it normally take to get your xbox back fixed guys?



Its Boxing Day and Xbox live is up and down like a woman of the nights knickers.....Not good enuff Microsoft.

Ok, so hardly any online game works now, the different tabs freeze when you change them and basically playing Call of Duty or Gears last night was almost impossible - Microsoft has fubar'd my xbox and theyll need to patch their patch - grrrr!.

I wanna play COD4 online and I wanna play it nowwwwwwww! <g>

Bought it Friday - finished it on Saturday night, the game is AWESOME, absolutely love it.

Highly Recommend this, the gameplae and graphics are fantastic - pleas buy this game if you have an xbox 360.

On my last trip to New York I picke dup an apple ipod touch and now im back home (in Scotland) I would have to recommend this ipod - I just love it, got some minor flaws but im watching vidoes on it and that and the picture slideshow as well as the quality of the product overall is very very good - you just cannot scratch the screen at all, period.

--------------------------- Windows Internet Explorer --------------------------- Silverlight error message ErrorCode: 2202 ErrorType: RuntimeError Message: AG_E_RUNTIME_FINDNAME MethodName: ui --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Ok so I've just installed it and I get this straight away ......

How is it that every time I go to uninsatll a version of oracle using the installer from Oracle it fails - I cant remember the last time I saw the Oracle uninstaller work without a problem on machines at work - for this reason alone I end up having to hack the registry to clean up what Oracle cant uninstall - not impressed each time I use Oracle products, ......

Guys if your in the UK and want some cracking discounts on a number of stores then check out:-

oh and dont forget


Bought and currently readin Ajax in action - check it out of your planning on or currently using Microsoft's Ajax library and toolkit - the book is very thorough and you will learn how to use Ajax properly. Good examples and written buy the guys who know this stuff liek the back of their hands.

Make sure you check it out.

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