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Had a great time again this year at St. Louis Day of .NET.  Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions.  Based on feedback it seems like I'll need to do a presentation on SQL Server Compact next year.  Doesn't seem to be a lot of awareness on this great product.  But a lot can change in one year.

As promised, the PowerPoint slides and code samples can be found on my SkyDrive here.

Here is what you get.

Customizing BlogEngine 2 PowerPoint

(Slides and notes)

  • How to configure BlogEngine to use ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server Compact
  • Create custom themes
  • Create custom controls
  • Create custom widgets
  • Create custom extensions
  • Some hosting, publishing and SEO advice

IE9 Pinned Sites

(Slides and notes)

The sample code is found under themes/Standard in the Code Sample below.

Code Sample

A BlogEngine 2 site that implements the following:

  • SQL Server Compact
  • ASP.NET 4.0
  • HTML5 Clean Theme with pinned site integration
  • Custom Login Control
  • Author List Widget
  • Sample Logging Extension


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