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There are many times when I have wanted to share a large file with friends or co-workers.  The first attempt is usually through large e-mail accounts such as GMail or Yahoo!.  The second is a physical transfer between USB drives or blank CDs / DVDs.  The third is FTP.  The third option is also usually the best becuase it is the least amount of direct involvement on my part.  So why is it third?

Well for exceptionally large files I can't use my hosting provider.  Bandwidth is money and eventually I will hit my cap.  I also don't have a server at home anymore, mostly because of the maintenance hassle and all the extra equipment.  So I will setup FTP on a desktop, open a hole in the firewall, and shut everything down after I get the files out.  Assuming my kids don't turn off the PC first.

The truly best option is peer-to-peer applications.  They were invented to share large files, or a large number of files among PC users.  But they are terrible for private files.  Unless of course you use a private peer-to-peer application such as Grouper

Grouper allows you to share your files privately with an inner circle of up to 30 users.  Plus the interface is designed so you can post files and broadcast what you have to the other users.

So load up your game cheats, pictures, home movies, etc. and start sharing them with your friends.  You could even use the system for distributed backups of your computers.

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