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This book applies to VB.NET developers, although some of it can be applied to C#. It was an average read. I'd recommend this to developers now getting into refactoring.
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Part I: Introduction to Refactoring.

Chapter 1: Refactoring: What’s All the Fuss About?

Chapter 2: A First Taste of Refactoring.

Chapter 3: Assembling a Refactoring Toolkit.

Chapter 4: Rent-a-Wheels Application Prototype.

Part II: Preliminary VB Refactorings.

Chapter 5: Chameleon Language: From Weak Static Typing to Strong Dynamic Typing.

Chapter 6: Error Handling: From Legacy to Structured in a Few Easy Steps.

Chapter 7: Basic Hygiene: Eliminating Dead Code, Reducing Scope, Using Explicit Imports, and Removing Unused References.

Part III: Getting Started with Standard Refactoring Transformations.

Chapter 8: From Problem Domain to Code: Closing the Gap.

Chapter 9: The Method Extraction Remedy for Duplicated Code.

Chapter 10: Method Consolidation and Extraction Techniques.

Part IV: Advanced Refactorings.

Chapter 11: Discovering Objects.

Chapter 12: Advanced Object-Oriented Concepts and Related Refactorings.

Chapter 13: Code Organization on a Large Scale.

Part V: Refactoring Applied.

Chapter 14: Refactoring to Patterns.

Chapter 15: LINQ and Other VB 2008 Enhancements.

Chapter 16: The Future of Legacy VB Code.

Appendix A: Unleash Refactor!

Appendix B: Rent-a-Wheels Prototype Internals and Intricacies.

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