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1. Design and Architecture get a boost in .NET, the gang of four design patterns book source code now available in C#, I even have a PDF copy of a book on design patterns in C#, but i guess the original one is the best:

2. The second resource, is some thing that I wish i get my hands on but I guess have to wait a long time before I do that, the worlds meanest number crunching desktop PC's:

3. Lastly the .NET road map in black and white from Microsoft is out last week after a revision, man it's so cool and efficient to know a year in advance of Microsoft's great plans, now thats some thing to cheer about :-):

(via Ramesh) 

Posted on Monday, March 15, 2004 3:06 AM .NET , Design & Architecture , Website, Tool and Book Reviews | Back to top

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# re: 3 cool resources worth checking out for sure...
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Rai baby, check with you site. It won't behave on anything below 1024 wide resolution. I checked the site at IE5 -Win98 and blamed it but now, it didn't work well with IE6 at WinXP at 800x600 resolution. Opera 7 too flushes the content below left bar and only Mozilla correctly (or incorrectly) displays the content side by side to left bar. But, I think it's got to do with your URLs. You type the complete URL and since there is no break in the URL, it must go on within a line forcing the box stretch further than it was designed for. Check it or increase the width of content div.
Left by Ejaz Asi on Mar 15, 2004 7:10 AM

# re: 3 cool resources worth checking out for sure...
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Yes you are right, i am having problem with this template in terms of change of resolutions i guess i will have to change it.

thanks for noticing.
Left by Rai Umair on Mar 15, 2004 8:58 PM

# Take Outs for 15 March 2004
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You have been Taken Out! Thanks for the post.
Left by Enjoy Every Sandwich on Mar 15, 2004 8:29 PM

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