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Sometimes I really feel like technology recruiters have no experience or knowledge of the field they are recruting for.  A warning to those companies hiring technical recruiters -- ensure that the technical recruiters you hire to fill a position are actually technical.  Here's proof below, where I make up completely ridiculous technologies, but still have interest from the recruiter for an interview.

Letter to me:

Hello - Your name came up as a possible match for a long term contract Cold Fusion Developer role I have in Bothell, WA. 

This role requires you to be onsite in Bothell, WA. This is  a tough role to fill so I was hoping you might have someone you can recommend? Unfortunately no telecommute. Thank you!


Mindy Recruiter

My response:

Mindy --
Wow I'm super-excited that you took the time to contact me about this position!  Let me tell you, you won't be disappointed with my skill set!
Firstly, I've been developing in ColdFusion since 1993 before it was owned by Adobe and it was operating under code name, "Hot-Jack".  Recently I started developing under the Domain-View-Driven-Domain-Model (DVDDM), integrating client-side CF on Moobuntu.  Not only do I have a boat load of ColdFusion EXP,  I also have a ton of experience in the open source communities lesser known derivative of CF, Mo'Fusion (MF).  I've also invested thousands of hours of my time learning esoteric programming languages.
Look forward to working with you!

And her response:

Hi George – just left you a message. Give me a call at your convenience.  The role does require someone to be onsite here.. are you able to relocate yourself?



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