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Aditya --
I am very interested in pursuing the opportunity you've presented to me.  Let me assure you, there are very few individuals in Indianapolis with the skill set which I have so passionately trained to acquire.   Accompanying my skill set I do have a few quirks that you'll need to be okay with prior to placing me at a company.
Bluntly, I feel like I'm a software engineer trapped in a cute little kitten's body.  I find that I am most comfortable going to work with a few stripes and whiskers painted on my face.  Coworkers will need to be okay with me grooming myself and making kitten noises whilst I do so.  I do occasionally let out a purr now and then, but not loud enough to disrupt anyone.  I always throw my arm-hair-balls in the appropriate trash receptacle.
Will your company provide a scratching post or will I need to bring my own?  I can bring my own litter box.

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