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For the past week, I’ve nearly came close to ripping my hair out over a “small” issue with one of my 5 SCSI harddrives in my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition desktop – the D:\ drive. It’s the drive that I install and hold ALL my programs on (named Programs Drive). Last week, it started NOT installing new/updating programs. So I googled it… In my research, many people had problems with the hibernation feature that somehow didn’t let you access drives. Some mentioned the permissions to the drives wasn’t set correctly. Now, I already know that I have permissions set and ready and I knew that’s not the case here, so maybe it’s the hibernation feature?


So, I decided to test, and test EVERYTHING. I first tested by installing a small program to my C:\ drive (named System Drive). It worked as expected since it’s, well, the system drive. Then, I tested by installing the same program to my E:\ drive (named Projects Drive). IT WORKED! Huh? So that ruled out hibernation issues.


Well, long story short, I googled again and read that it may be a “Disk Quota” was set on the drive. Well, IT WAS SET!!! And it was set to 10GB max on both D:\ and E:\ drives. So, if you’re having a “There's not enough disk space to install file…” issue and you know that there’s plenty of harddrive space, then check if a disk quota was set on the drive by going to: My Computer, Right-Click on Faulty Drive, Click “Properties”, Select the “Disk Quota” OR “Quota” tab, and un-check “Enable quota management” if it’s checked.


Now, IF it’s already unchecked. Then you may have a harddrive permission issue which you’ll need to check the permissions of the drive by using the same dialog box and selecting the “Security” tab.


As for me, life is now more grand than before… :)


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