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This Friday, I’ll may have to stop a project due to limited funding. This web project is for a client who ran into a budget freeze (assumed) and haven’t been able to financially support the project until further notice. But that’s ok, most of the project is completed and they’ll have a very nice website with a web-based intranet all built in ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2.

So, until funds start flowing, I’ve decided to start a new rebuild of Yes, another rebuild. But this time, it’ll be built in pure ASP.NET MVC 2 also. Along with that, it’ll be the first and only website built in ASP.NET MVC 2. I’ll be including various jQuery plugins, exercising DataAnnotations, and dumping as much features and eye candy as possible (but not too much). I’m doing this to truly test the extensibility of ASP.NET MVC 2 and prove that it-can-be-done-in-MVC-two!!! will keep the current layout & design, but the under pins will be powered by ASP.NET MVC 2. will be a webfarm of 6 tightly integrated websites. So, let the excitement begin… ;P

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