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Well, I’ve been out from blogging for a while and thought I should start blogging again. A lot has happened since my last blog:

1. I got a new PC/Server
It has two(2) Dual-Core Intel Xeon CPUs, 8GB of ECC RAM, and five(5) Seagate 73GB SCSI 10,000RPM HDDs. I’m converting it into a workstation/gamer to run Windows XP x64 (Corporate Edition), Windows Server 2003 R2 x64, Tiny XP (stripped down version of Windows XP Professional for gaming), and Topologi-Linux (run Linux inside Windows). You can view more details of my computer specs.

2. Got a better car
It’s a 2003 Chevrolet Impala LS with a stock 3800 series V6 engine. She’s my little beauty…

3. A new Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop.
I bought it from Wal-mart (ALL SHAME ON ME, I KNOW). I just didn’t want to wait for shipping (takes FOREVER to ship to my house). If I would have bought a laptop directly from Dell, I would have got a much better laptop at a much lower price. I guess that’s what I get for “convenience”. I’ll be using it as a “communication hub” for all emails, IM/chatting, blogging (even for this post), research/browsing, RDPs, and a mobile way for developing .NET projects for Glacsy and clients. I’ll be including it in my Computer Specs soon also…

4. Started completely rebuilding
I hate right now with the UI, maintenance, and logistic issues. I even hate how I wrote the code… So, this time with “ 4.0”, I’m involving a lot more planning in layout/UI, infrastructure for both navigation, file structures, and databases/schemas. Even the code itself is cleaned up a TON and far better structured. for the customer, the new site will be a lot more pleasant, organized, and simplified. The only major change is the Glacsy Community will be the new Glacsy Events.

5. Got mad at a few business owners
Another day at the office. Sometimes you can be nice to them and sometimes you have to yell at them…

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