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Thanks to Jackie Johnson, I was able to fix my issue with Adobe Acrobat closing. I had checked the FLEXnet Licensing Service and tried to start it. It kept giving an "Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified." error. Google gave me Jackie Johnson and problem fixed.

I had made some changes to my registry and disabled few software using a third-party registry editor/manager and had forgot about what I did. So, a not to self is - don't disable software in the registry... Below is a copy of the post:

Jackie Johnson - 6:53am Apr 14, 08 PST (#266 of 268)
Edited: 14-Apr-2008 at 06:53am


the problem was the FLEXnet service that wasn't up and running. why?

ran services.msc, looked for flexnet and noticed that the process path had a minus (-) in front of it, e.g.:


(strange is it?)

all i did was running regedit and looking for the string: -"C:\
found one, removed the minus, closed regedit.

ran again services.msc and started the flexnet service.

tell if it worked for you too!

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Worked like a charm!!! Thanks!!!
Left by Ginzette on Jun 20, 2008 9:03 AM

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