ASP.NET AJAX Developer Virtual Classrooms

Recently, we did a webcast series on ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight and Windows Live.  If you missed out the same, the Webcasts can be downloaded for offline viewing from

Visit the above page and Click on "Next Generation Web Applications" tab in the left and you can find a bunch of our webcasts including the ASP.NET AJAX Webcasts.  If you scroll down a little you can find all my webcasts starting with ASP.NET AJAX - Part I to AJAX Control Toolkit.  Also, you can download useful webcasts on Orcas, Silverlight etc.,

Meanwhile, I am doing a Developer Virtual Classroom series, starting June 4th - June 8th.  Its a 5 day virtual classroom at 2:30pm - 4pm everyday.  Whats different about Virtual Classroom is that, you get to take online evaluation and can be more participative than just listening.  Also, upon completion of evaluations and 80% correctness, you can win certificate of participation from Microsoft.

The series is going to focus on ASP.NET AJAX in detail and it starts with introduction to Ajax, Partial Page Updates etc., and ends with some advance extender example on AJAX Control Toolkit.  So, go ahead and if you havent registered for the Virtual Classrooms, you can register for the same from

If you are looking for specific area in AJAX, please post the same in the comments so that I can try to include the same during the virtual classroom.

Hoping to see you all there !

Cheers !!

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