February 2007 Entries

Windows Vista Specifying the Privelege Elevation for Legacy Applications
One of the interesting things about Windows Vista is the User Acccount Control (UAC) and the Elevation it requires when executing activities that require Administrative Priveleges. Windows Vista, by default runs users as a Standard User and as such when an administrative task is attempted, it prompts you to verify the permission. If you are running your applications on Windows Vista for the first time, you may be a little amused by this operation but it shows the security model that has been the ......

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Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, WCF, WPF, AJAX, Microsoft Expression - Download Links
My friend, Pandurang Nayak put up a good list of download links for Microsoft .NET Framework, WCF, WPF Extensions, AJAX 1.0 and a list of other latest Microsoft Technologies which can be downloaded for free. So, herebelow is the list. Product URL Release Status Notes Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 http://www.microsoft.com/do... RTM Installs .NET Framework 3.0 and all libraries for WPF, WCF and WF Windows SDK and .NET ......

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Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor 1.0
If you are running a Windows XP machine and itching your hands to upgrade to Windows Vista, Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is something which you would love to check out. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is designed to help Windows XP users identify whether their PCs are ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista, which edition of Windows Vista meets their needs, and which features of Windows Vista will be able to run on their PCs. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor will help you determine if your current PC is ......

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MIX '07 - A 72 Hour Conversation
MIX is Microsoft's Conference for Web Designers. It is an annual Conference that happens in U.S. and is subsequently held in other subsidaries. Check my earlier post on IndiMix, last year. MIX 07 is going to be an exciting event for Web Developers, Designers and Web Business Persons. It is a fun filled event and guess what, it is happening in the fun filled place, Las Vegas. The event or rather the 72 Hour conference is from April 30 - May 2nd. So, whats lined up there for you? If you are a Web Designer, ......

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MSDN Virtual Labs - Experience Microsoft Products Online

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Launch of Windows Vista and Office 2007 for Developers
We are kicking off a 5-city road-show for developers, focused on application development on Vista & Office 2007. This event is behing held in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. Using the Windows Vista™ platform in tandem with the Microsoft® Office 2007 system, you can build future-ready applications that are visually stunning, collaborative and secure like never before. Start scripting the future today! Clear Create visually stunning and highly differentiated user interfaces that ......

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Why Windows Vista? - Reason 3 on why you should move on to Windows Vista
Why Windows Vista costs less than you think? Windows Vista delivers great value to businesses by addressing critical business scenarios. Firstly, it empowers your people by making it easy for them to find, share and use information. Secondly, it enables mobile and remote workers to stay connected and productive wherever they are. Windows Vista also addresses growing security threats and helps protect your people's data in and out of office, secure your environment, and makes it easier to achieve ......

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Best Resources for Learning ASP.NET
I keep getting emails frequently from many people asking me for a good place to start learning ASP.NET. I am really surprised to see the number of people writing to me regarding this and the interest ASP.NET has brought into the development community. By any standards, the most popular web development model over the last 10 years has been ASP.NET. It overtakes other competing technologies far ahead in terms of reach, simplicity and capabilities it can deliver on the Web. Well, coming back to learning ......

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