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This is great--Gore doesn't seem to be very inspired by his own propaganda.  I guess he's using all of that electricity keeping the internet running . . .

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It is well known that Al Gore is an extravagant person. He frequently will fly by private jet and posh limousine and then get in a hybrid car for the last few blocks/miles before an appearance. It is unfortunate that this kind of duplicity is common-place with activists, especially celebrity activists. It is also a shame that something that is such an "emergency" can be besmirched by their activity.
The fact is that climate change/global warming as defined cannot be confronted without significant government control and changes to our open markets and entire system. You would think that such a thing would bother a rich person. But that is the beauty of socialism in their minds - the rich still stay rich and everyone else is a serf. It is a return to feudalism.
Left by Scott Miller on Feb 27, 2007 6:49 AM

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Interesting. It's possible that he sees the ends as justifying the means (maybe he entertains important people and it's harder to convince them of things when they are cold or in the dark or whatever). I was certainly annoyed during An Inconvenient Truth that we constantly see Gore riding in a limousine (I sincerely doubt it was running on alternative energy). I actually thought about starting a company to rent out luxury hybrids, but since I have no capital and no experience running a business, I didn't...
Left by Alex Bransky on Feb 27, 2007 11:56 AM

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