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blogging my way to pdc

Hello, and welcome to my "Blogging my way to the PDC" entry. My name is the Channel 8.9 Guy and I'm taking over the blog belonging to my pal Peter (Stack Of Toast) Stathakos to tell you why I should go to the PDC.

You see, I was just like all the other Channel 9 Guys that have been sent out to the Channel 9 faithful all over the world except that I was brought by Robert Scoble himself to Montreal and dropped off during the Montreal Geek Dinner last year. But somewhere along the way in Robert's bag I was crushed by his tablet PC or something and I was horribly disfigured. That's right, I lost one of the spikes on my head. I was instantly 25% bald!

Well, as you can imagine nobody at the geek dinner wanted me. They all picked up the perfectly groomed Channel 9 Guys and not me. I was almost forgotten, but my new friend Peter took me home and named me The Channel 8.9 Guy. He promptly brought me to work were I sat on his desk and when we moved to a new job I got a prime spot on his new desk too! Check it out ...



So, why should we go to the PDC?

Well, you all know that I'm a total Microsoft Evangelist and all that, but so is Peter. He's always learning new things about the upcoming technologies and trying to improve his skills. And when he learns something new or cool he's always blogging about it and encouraging others to learn for themselves as well. He writes about all ranges of topics like security, performance, stability, and even upcoming Microsoft Events and user group meetings. If we go to the PDC you can bet he'll be writing about all the new technologies and tools he learns about there as well.

The new cool stuff he's really interested in is developing applications for mobile devices as well as commercial applications for "the home of the future" and all that stuff. He wants to use Microsoft technologies to make computing better and easier, not only for business applications, but for everyone who sits down in front of a computer or picks up a mobile device that's running any flavour of Windows.

So send us to the PDC! Let us learn and soak in all the cool advancements so we can tell the rest of the world about them. Let us get out there and excite people on what Microsoft has in store for them. Then we'll really be starting something!


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Posted on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 10:40 PM .NET , Geek Stuff , Life | Back to top

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