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While working with a customer, we had this interesting requirement related to SP 2010 content migration. The migration process would take its own sweet time, but we wanted to migrate people search first.  In 2010, when you search for a person it would search against its profile database and show you the relevant results, this is what you would expect.  But what if you want the search result to show you a result from MOSS 2007 profile database and when you click on my site of an individual, it takes them to their 2007 my site.  Well it is possible to achieve it.  Here is how you do it.


Open Central admin in 2010 > Application Management> under Service Applications click Manage service applications.

Click the Search Service application> On you left hand navigation click Content Source> Click Edit from the drop down for Local SharePoint sites> Delete the Mysite URL and sps3://XXXXXXX url and replace it with the Mysite url  and sps3://XXXXX url  from MOSS 2007(You can find sps3:// url for MOSS 2007 in search setting page in the SSP). Perform a full crawl and search for individuals in people search and you will see the result show up from 2007 profile store. Click on one the names and it will take you to the my site from 2007.v

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This open central admin application tool is really helpful for search based content and for database.
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