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Podcast Studio The official weblog of December 2005 Entries Show #15 - Tim Hibbard

In Show 15, we talk with Tim Hibbard about "Where's Tim?", GPS technologies, where we see the future of GPS going, and Web 2.0 APIs. This was a really fun show to record.


Posted On Thursday, December 29, 2005 6:50 PM

Podcast Studio Show #14 - Billy Hollis talks about Smart Clients
Episode 14 finds us in a great discussion with Billy Hollis on smart clients and Visual Studio 2005!! We talk about some simple and complex scenarios, the state of data binding and some useful tips and patterns. This wouldn't be complete without ending with some thoughts on how WinFx (Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation) fits in moving forward. MP3: ......

Posted On Thursday, December 22, 2005 6:33 PM Show #12 - Phil Wolfe, Heartland Developers Conference
In this show, we talk with HDC speaker Phil Wolfe about the Composite UI Application Block, Portals, the switch to WinForms, and how we think articles will change with the release of .NET 2.0. This will be the last speaker we release from the HDC and next week we will publish Joe Olson who ran the event. Afterwards, it will be back to John and I and we have a lot to talk about, including some new goodies for recording. MP3: ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 7, 2005 5:52 AM

How to title your Podcast Files
It has just been brought to my attention from a co-worker that when you are using an iPod 3/4G and sync Podcasts, on the menu, the titles don't scroll like they do on the Nano. So when you look at Podcast Studio shows on these iPods, all you see is "Podcast Studio - Sho" and each show is that way. So for now on, we will release our shows as "Show 13 - Podcast Studio" instead of "Podcast Studio - Show 13". Hope this helps ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 7, 2005 5:49 AM

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