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Paul Lee Sharepoint bumps and bruises

Here's the error from one of my users:

The list is displayed in Standard view. It cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons: A datasheet component compatible with Windows SharePoint Services is not installed, your browser does not support ActiveX controls, or support for ActiveX controls is disabled.

This just started happening this week.  Only for one user.  No recent patches on the sharepoint server.

If you search this on the internet, you get tons of results but nothing simple.  I went through this good article, but nothing worked.  Frustrating....

Then a local IT guy asked me if I tried clearing the Internet Explorer cache.  Tried it and it worked!!!

Lesson: Try clearing the IE cache first before trying all the other stuff.  May save you alot of time.

Server environment:  WSS 2.0, server 2003

Client environment: XP, Office 2003

Posted on Friday, May 1, 2009 11:42 AM Sharepoint Administration | Back to top

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# re: Sharepoint Datasheet view errors
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Brilliant!!!! worked like a charm :-). Plus it came up as the first hit in my google search when I used the word "suddenly"

I cannot thank enough.
Left by Cynthia on Sep 15, 2011 5:37 PM

# re: Sharepoint Datasheet view errors
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this is good post no doubt but you can write steps also-
how can we clear IE data cache

Thanks and Regards,
Sudhanshu Sharma
Left by Sudhanshu Sharma on Jan 09, 2012 6:04 AM

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