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So, i've spent most of the day messing around with sql server

2005s new features and i'm impressed with the XML data type. 

The ability to store and search through well formed xml

documents stored in database fields, even though it requires

using xquery which is yet another lanugage is going to be

very useful.

I think i'll be sticking to T-Sql whenever possible for

triggers and stored procedures, though I might write a c#

function here and there just to see how it performs nothing

to important.. yet..

On a similar note, learnt a lesson the hard way about picking

the best language for the job when trying to do Microsoft

Word interop with c#.  It is hellish, ended up splitting it

out into a vb dll with 'Option Strict Off' for compatibility

with 03, XP and 2000, haven't tried any earlier than that. 

I'll never be attempting any com interop with c# again.  Kind

of makes sense really given vb's background with com..

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 2:06 PM | Back to top

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