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e2k10 Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the e14 Ignite training in Dallas on the latest version of Exchange server (Exchange 2010) about to get released to beta. As I rushed from the airport to the training, I was stopped to sign the NDA which prevented me from blogging about all the great things I was sure to learn. As expected the training was phenomenal and with the official release of the beta I can now blog about the public details of the enhancements.

Here are some of the ones that I am particularly excited about:

  1. No more storage groups! There are now only databases and databases are not tied to a specific mailbox server now with the new database mobility features. Once you can move databases amongst any mailbox server in a Database Availability Groups (DAG) you immediately improve your HA profile and resiliency.
  2. Clustering-specific expertise no longer required. The DAG now abstracts the clustering specifics from the engineers setting up the system. Beyond making sure the OS required pre-requisites are on the server and the Exchange mailbox role installation, the other parts of installation and configuration are not handled by the engineer. The system automatically keeps tabs on the health of the ‘cluster’ and its related subsystems.
  3. No more use of SCC, CCR, LCR or SCR replication technologies. There are not specific options to utilize these replication technologies individually anymore.
  4. No more single instance storage. Now that there are no more storage groups and only individual databases, there is no more single instance storage.
  5. Databases and log streams are now 1:1. For each database there is an associated log stream.
  6. No more backup to tape. There is no longer a need to backup to tape. With multiple replicas (up to 16 per DAG) that can span datacenters, backing up to tape for site recovery is no longer needed. Also, with the larger supported mailbox sizes, streaming backups to tape will take days to complete even on the fastest current tape technology.
  7. OWA. OWA now supports the ‘premium’ experience on Safari and Firefox as well as IE. No longer are users who prefer other browsers stuck with the ‘basic’ or ‘lite’ experience.
  8. Database page patching. The database is automatically monitored for corruption or corrupted pages in the database. When this is encountered, the service will automatically retrieve the same page from one of the database replicas and replace the bad page.
  9. You can now  have up to 100 databases per server and supported mailbox sizes approaching 10Gb.
  10. No user interruption on mailbox moves. The mailbox is copied asynchronously in the background while use continues. Once the copy is completed, the last few emails are copied over and the users mailbox location is updated in AD and then redirected by the CAS server.
  11. Client communication. The bulk of all client communication is between the client(s) and the CAS, not the mailbox server. Clients do not talk with store.exe on the mailbox server. The CAS now handles all that communication on the client’s behalf and optimizes this communication in a pooled fashion. Going forward the CAS server will need to have increased resources as a minimum over the mailbox server role in E2K7.

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