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Not too long ago there was only one blogging tool that I felt great about – BlogJet.

I used it for a long time and was very happy. There wasn’t anything I was especially displeased with. Then some more blogging tools made their way on to my radar. From Microsoft. Generally, I will give any product from Microsoft a shot. I use a Microsoft OS. I am a (largely) Microsoft-centric systems engineer and technical manager. The first was during the beta testing of the Microsoft Office System 2007. My favorite application, OneNote 2007, introduced a “blog this” feature. I enjoyed the fact that blogging from OneNote allowed me to keep all of my posts in a notebook. They were then searchable, reproducible and handy. Soon after, the Word 2007 team introduced the same functionality. You could define your blogging provider from within Word 2007 and compose a new “document” (blog post) and then post it to said provider. OneNote 2007 could even compose the entry and then pass it on to Word’s blogging engine for posting. Nice.

I used it and was happy. Then the Microsoft Windows Live team introduced Windows Live Writer.

This was the most complete blogging tool that Microsoft has released. It has a robust and active community of users developing plug-ins as well as all the features (once said plug-ins are loaded) that BlogJet had (previous to version 2.0). Now enter BlogMailr. This is a service that allows you to set up an account for your blogging provider at their website and in turn assigns to you a custom email address. Mail sent to this address goes straight to your blog as a post. Many providers are supported (except .text for some reason – please correct this) including Spaces and Community Server. So this blog comes courtesy of Microsoft Outlook 2007. Of course, I have Outlook set up to use Microsoft Word 2007 as my editor so I guess it really comes from there. But Word has blogging built in! Doh. Should I uninstall BlogJet and Live Writer finally? Only time will tell . . .

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