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090106_11551.jpgAlthough my prediction last year could be seen as a jinx, I am going to go out and predict, again, that the Buckeyes will tear Texas a new two-step. The team looks impressive and the offense is absolutely loaded with stallions. Of course, one game isn't a tell-all, but things looked good. I was a bit disappointed that as many mentioned, after scoring 28 points in the 1st quarter, the Bucks seems to go on cruise control. I have been longing to see the bucks throw up a 65-12 score on someone like all the other top teams do. Especially in a Heisman year like this one for both Smith and Ginn Jr.

And I don't feel guilty at all for smiling with glee when I read that the starting Texas cornerback, and a senior no less will be suspended from the game for being arrested on a weapons and drug charge (let the excuses begin come a Buckeyes win). I know they are innocent until proven guilty, but really, why would you even put yourself with ten miles of the situation on the eve of the most important game of the season? What were you thinking? Go back to last year's game with Texas and we can relate all too well as Troy came in rusty from his own suspension.

Texas also moved up the polls to the number two slot adding another dynamic to the confrontation that has not been seen in quite some time. Hopefully whoever wins will go on to run the table and appear in the national championship game in January. Go Bucks!

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UT is all that is evil. Go Kansas!!
Left by Tim Hibbard on Sep 06, 2006 7:28 PM

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