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I decided to give Windows Live Writer a try after hearing reading some good things about it. I have been using BlogJet for awhile and am very happy with it. In fact, Dmitry was a little upset that a bunch of Live Writer's features had seemed to have been pulled from BlogJet. And I can see why he is upset. I think his tool was just beginning to gain traction and take off and now Microsoft has released a free tool that is - for the most part - comparable to BlogJet. I would be upset if I was him as well! This is a dilemma I see more and more. Microsoft can afford to develop these simple tools and give them away. And I don't agree they are "ripping off" BlogJet - these are features any good Blogging tool should have.

One thing LW doesn't have that I like about BlogJet is the ability to post to "groups." I post to more than one blog and this feature is very handy. I think I don't like about BlogJet though is its spell checker. It is horrible IMO and I always have 5-6 annoying "misspellings" in every post. I was heartened to see that LW is open and has an SDK available. In fact, three great plug-ins are already available: Insert Flickr image, Insert tags and What I am listening to.

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Just a moment ago I had posted that I didn't like the fact that Live Writer didn't allow you to post...
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