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Rod Trent wrote today “Charles Cooper Shows He Simply Writes for Page Views.” He asked readers to read the latest CC post and provide their views. I did. And I agree. How easy is it to write an inflammatory article about Microsoft’s record with vulnerabilities and patch release schedule? I can only imagine the article he would right if no patch had been released. I love this quote especially:

“Defenders will argue that it's unfair to demand perfection from Microsoft; that software is an imperfect art. And besides, they add, is the Mac operating system or Linux bulletproof? Clearly, the answer is no. But the number of security holes turning up in either operating system is a fraction of what turns up in the Windows world.”

Duh. Only a fraction of the world used Linux or Macs in comparison with computers running the Microsoft OS. I cannot believe people still attempt to make this comparison. If 75% of the world ran Linux you can bet their exploits and vulnerabilities, and consequently, their patch releases, would be through the roof! Give me a break!

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