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After you have created a *.wim image file using ImageX you may want to take advantage of the tools ability to mount the image file. Since the image file format is file-based (and not bit-based like Symantec’s Ghost) you can mount it as read-only or read-write. Files can easily be extracted from it or added to it. No more needing to image a workstation, modify it, and then re-image it back when you want to make a change. New driver? Add it. new DLL? Add it. Simple as that.

However, before you can mount the whatever.wim file, you need to install the WIM Image Filter driver, which is wimfltr.sys. For now unfortunately, this is only available from the Windows Vista Automated Install Kit (WAIK) which is only available to the technical beta testers – not to the public yet. Hopefully this will change soon as Vista nears RC1.

The syntax for an image mount is:

imagex /mount (read only) /mountrw (read-write) [path to .wim file] [image number within the wim file] [mount path]

So, for example: imagex /mount f:\images\desktopimage.wim 2 c:\mounted

To install wimfltr.sys right-click on the file and select install. Reboot.

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