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The Tech*Ed 2006 registration site is up and live, albeit a little rough. Some things are on the “information site” (like a map of all the hotels) but not on the actual page where you choose your hotel. There are only individual maps, which can be quite confusing if you have never been to Boston, like myself. And the links to the overall maps and PDF’s are broken. But, I figured it out and selected the Hilton Boston Logan due to its relatively reasonable price and adjacency to the airport and convention center. Daily Internet access is a wee bit pricey ($13 per 24 hour block and they advertise wifi) but everything else looks great and I will most likely (if it holds up!) get all my access at the show.

They also have Tech*Ed Connect this year which looks like an online collaborative tool that matches attendees, vendors and partners based on preferences. Right now it is only partly functional. It looks to be heading in the right direction if people use it. There is also a registration spot to enter your blog address and feed URL. I am hoping to get to host another BOF session (I never did get my feedback from last year’s sessions!) and arrange another geek dinner. The last one was fun, and perhaps we can double our attendance.

There is also a wealth of pre-conference sessions including Hands-On “In Depth” with Exchange 12 and Scripting for IT Pros That Cannot Code (me!). $450 a pop on Sunday. There is also going to be a Sunday evening keynote. Another change from previous years. Ray Ozzie, CTO, is one of the slated speakers.

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Does anyone know where we can submit proposals to present?
Left by Greg on Feb 02, 2006 11:33 AM

# re: Is it Too Soon to Talk About Tech*Ed?
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Usually a note will be sent to registrants in a couple of weeks with a link. If I get it I will post it here, so check back.
Left by Chris Haaker on Feb 09, 2006 6:31 AM

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