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After two days with the Treo 700w I am a very happy camper. The complaints are minor and mostly stem from my lack of familiarity with the device and not a device shortcoming itself. One minor nit: for $400 cant you throw in a case to carry this around in? Despite my initial disappointment in hearing the screen was 240 x 240, it looks gorgeous and I don't find it overly cluttered. The screen on my Samsung i730 was a lot bigger, but then again, so was the device itself. I use the Treo for phone calls primarily with email a close second, so it has to be comfortable and easy to carry. The Treo wins on both counts.

I have also found that I can do most everything with the keys and do not have to be constantly pulling the stylus from the unit as I first feared. As I get more experienced with the unit I think I should be able to do 95% of everything I need to from the keypad.

Windows Mobile 2005 itself is very crisp. I have seen posts were some people complain of sluggish response. I have seen none of this myself so far with the unit. The features seem to be consistent with the previous version of Windows Mobile. There are many updates throughout though. The ones I enjoy the most so far:

  • Searching the Contacts on the fly as you type. Whether numbers or letters the contact list is narrowed down instantly as you type. Once no more matches are available you can just finish off your phone number and hit dial.
  • Context sensitive menus. The two menu buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen offer easy to access context sensitive options depending on the task you are working on.
  • Internet browsing is crisp and fast with the EVDO network. It feels like I am on a wifi connection at home.
  • I can access both my corporate Exchange email account and my personal Hotmail account at once.
  • I am running the beta of Mobile Office Communicator. Two words: IT ROCKS.
  • Yo OneNote program! I would gladly test OneNote 12 mobile at any time!

I will continue to post more as soon as I get extended hands on time with the device. I am awaiting my case (I am a beeper-style hard holster kind of guy) and SD card reader. I will then be loading all my .wma music and video files on to this puppy as well.


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so how come you went with the case you chose? I see some cheaper ones of the same type on that site. I want a case for my 650 and would love to hear what you think about the case.
Left by Ari on Jan 12, 2006 7:33 AM

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The reviews continue to come in for the Palm Treo 700w, Palm’s first venture into the Windows Mobile arena

Left by Cool Tech Reviews on Jan 15, 2006 7:56 AM

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You completely missed testing the camera. Compared to the 650, the 700 camera is simply unacceptable. Colors are pale with incorrect chroma (reds are plum, yellows are flat, nothing has any full saturation). It's not the viewer as the resulting pictures are just as bad when rendered in Photoshop. I returned the 700 and retained my 650. Yes, the Internet speed with the 650 is inferior, but the camera colors are accurate. I would rather wait for the Internet than suffer with a camera that is nearly unusable.
Left by Laurence Gilbert on Jul 26, 2007 8:20 AM

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