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Quick Summary

I attended the Atlanta .NET User Group meeting tonight.

Need to find out about local developer events?


You can find out when all the local (greater Atlanta) Microsoft related user groups are happening at the Atlanta .NET

Regular Guys website.


You can also find out about local developer events at the Community Megaphone (Code Camps and Roadshows and Webcasts). Very easy to subscribe to an RSS feed of local events.


Doug Ware, the speaker, is the founder of eLumenotion Training and Consulting and is the leader of the Atlanta .NET User Group.

Tonight he spoke about using the Web Browser Control in WinForms. This was a brief tutorial and very helpful info. He used his helpful tool "SharePoint Skinner" to demonstrate the Web Browser Control.

The technical presentation is about State Machine Workflows. I thought this would be an exciting topic. Being a MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) / BizTalk advocate, this topic is near an dear to my heart.

Most workflow talks focus on sequential workflows, but in this talk focused  State Machine workflows. State machines have always seemed like a complicated topic, but, as Doug clarified, they're actually easier to use for most situations.

During his talk, Doug built a State Machine Workflow from scratch, covering both handling faults and working with events. He covered the limitations of state machines in workflow foundation. This was great info, because it gave us a nice battle card for how to identify the situations where State Machine workflows do not fit requirements.

Doug used SharePoint as the workflow host, but clarified that the concepts apply to any workflow host.

This was a great presentation.

Event Details



  • DreamSpark - I introduced a small group of folks to the DreamSpark website, where students can get free license to the best development tools.



Snapshots from the Event

We had over 45 attendees for the presentation, so awesome job Doug!

Murray Gordon
ISV Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Corporation

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