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FeedSync (Project)

Astoria Offline (Project)

Take Data offline?

Alter Remote Offline Data and use FeedSync to update when connected.


  • App availability
  • Network Utilization
  • Lower costs
  • Leverage client UI
  • Leverage Service
  • Extend for collaboration


 Write a provider for

  •    Service
  •    Desktop
  •    Devices

Protocols extensions

  •   Metadata

Handles arbitrary topology

  •   peer to peer mesh and point to point


End to End Solutions

  •    Ado.NET Sync
  •    Astoria Offline

Protocol and Store Providers

  •    Relational
  •    Astoria offline
  •    File Sync Provider
  •    FeedSync
  •    3rd Party

Make it Simple Services

  •   Metadata Store
  •   Anchor Providers
  •   Simple Prov

Common Sync Metadata runtime

  • Knowledge
  •   Versions
  •   Change Enumeration


Support for MSIL



  • Offline
  • Peer to peer/Roaming
  • collaboration/sharing


Bring all your data to all applications by syncing the data.

No long running app on desktop to do this? huh?


FeedSync is CC license is a set of extensions to RSS/ATOM

Type of change:

  • Create update delete
  • Where changes happened.


 Astoria Services Offline:

  Point to a data service and "Take it offline"

  Use SQL Server compact.

  Very Beta just doing a exploration at this time.


What is the difference between this and Foldershare?

Have yet to answer this...


SyncToy updated.


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