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Microsoft Data Platform

Rich data services from SQL Server

Using of course SOAP REST and APP within SQL Server SSDS.

Live contacts has ADO.NET Connections...

SYNC Framework synchronize contacts between endpoints.

pulling or GET from url into xml or web service.

Metadata file with Vcard info.

No invoke needed within browser just service on box?

SQL Server Data Services:

  • Application Agility
  • Scales without limits
  • Business Ready SLA

Scalable or downgradable to 2005 or 2000?

SQL Server Data Services Layers:

  1. SQL Server Data services
  2. SQL Server Data Services Platform
  3. Global Foundation Services

'ACE' concepts:

Authority - Dns Name

Container - Unit of consistency/search. No schema required.

Entity - Property of name/value pairs. Update/change




      <s:Id />





Need to find SSDS explorer.

SSDS syntax is very close to LINQ syntax.

Demo was a Simple REST POST

Service runs on SYNC framework


  Flexible Entity Model

  •     Smallest unit of measure(unit of update)

  Metadata Properties

  •     ID- unique within parent container
  •     Kind-track user type ex:Joblisting, resume, etc.
  •     Version- update timestamp on each operation

  Flex Properties

  •      Can change instance type or add additional properties
  •      Support for simple types:decimal, string, bool, etc
  •     All properties are indexed.


When you add a property to an entity automatically searchable.

*Entity properties may differ in type and instance.

*Container stores flexible entities, Unique name within parent.

*Authority holds DNS name, unit or billing and geo-location, analog to namespace.


Web Service API (SOAP/REST)

Both supported, Endpoint secured by SSL

Each authority has single owner

Secured using single owner credetials



   Authority: Create Update and Delete

   Container provisioning

  Entity storage, update, delete, and query

  Query uses simple LINQ-like syntax

Exposes URI for each resource:

Service: https;//


   FetchAuthority (GET)

   QueryContainers(GET) with query






So Sync Framework takes away the middle tier to a web service app. Write your front end with all your <%#Eval("INFO")%> from datasource = to url of sql server. Is that exactly safe?

Beta by invite only!

Live not available until first quarter 2009...  So is this just a service from Microsoft or a true add on to your own SQL Server?

Live will be pay per use. Wow this just went another direction. Hate paying for services.

To sign up for beta:

nigel dot ellis at microsoft dot com


This looks like Microsoft's answer to Amazon S3 or Simple DB Services.



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