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News Bob Taco Industries is an ISV focused on game and app development for Microsoft platforms headed up by Michael B. McLaughlin. Mike is a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP (previously an XNA/DirectX MVP from 2011-2013), a developer, a writer, a consultant, and a retired lawyer. If you're a developer who is just getting started, consider checking out the BTI website's section for developers for links to code samples and other helpful sites.
Bob Taco Industries Blogging Division February 2013 Entries
Windows Store C++ DirectX Bloom Sample released (and other samples updated)
At long last, I’ve finished the Bloom sample. You can get it here: http://www.bobtacoindustrie... It is a near replica of the XNA Bloom sample written in C++ using DirectXTK and my Windows Store DirectX C++ Sample base. It’s large (almost 15 MB) due to the TGA texture files that the tank model uses. This release includes the version of DirectXTK released February 22, 2013. As always, any questions, comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcome and ......

Posted On Wednesday, February 27, 2013 12:58 AM

Pixel Perfect Collision Sample - Improved!
One part I wasn’t quite satisfied with in the original pixel perfect collision sample was the need to render the image in order to extract its data. Shawn Hargreaves suggested that I skip the middle man (at least for a few common formats), copy the data directly from the texture and perform CPU-side conversion to eliminate the render step and avoid spinning up the GPU rendering pipeline. I thought that was an excellent idea, so that’s what I’ve done. (Shawn just provided the idea; if the code has ......

Posted On Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:36 AM

C++ Pixel Perfect Collision Detection Sample (and Base Sample updated!)
One of the more popular series of samples for XNA was the collision detection series. Especially the 2D pixel perfect collision and transformed pixel perfect collision. So as my first sample, I’ve replicated them. But since I don’t want to maintain more samples than I need to, they are all in a single sample. Everything is heavily commented and power just went out here for some reason but I’m happy to respond to questions about the sample, so feel free to ask away in the comments and I’ll get to ......

Posted On Thursday, February 14, 2013 6:21 PM

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