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News Bob Taco Industries is an ISV focused on game and app development for Microsoft platforms headed up by Michael B. McLaughlin. Mike is a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP (previously an XNA/DirectX MVP from 2011-2013), a developer, a writer, a consultant, and a retired lawyer. If you're a developer who is just getting started, consider checking out the BTI website's section for developers for links to code samples and other helpful sites.
Bob Taco Industries Blogging Division October 2010 Entries
Ending QuickTime’s Tyrannical Control of IE PNG Display
If you’re like me and still have a significant quantity of music in m4p format that’s preventing you for the time being from dumping iTunes, you are stuck with QuickTime too. This would not be so bad but for the fact that QuickTime is almost virus-like in its control of PNG display in Internet Explorer. Disabling the QuickTime add-on in IE just caused it to ask me to run the QuickTime add-on every time I navigated to a bare PNG file (one not embedded in an HTML file). Going into Control Panel->Default ......

Posted On Saturday, October 23, 2010 8:09 AM

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch Events
Be there or be square! Click the banner image to register. Live events in multiple cities and a web simulcast of the Mountain View, CA event on October 12, 2010 starting at 8:45am PDT (GMT -7). NOTE: THE TIME HAS CHANGED. This event is now scheduled to begin at 8:30am PDT (GMT -7) and run to 1:30pm PDT (GMT -7). Sorry for the short notice, I just received an update email on this ......

Posted On Monday, October 4, 2010 1:41 PM

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