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News Bob Taco Industries is an ISV focused on game and app development for Microsoft platforms headed up by Michael B. McLaughlin. Mike is a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP (previously an XNA/DirectX MVP from 2011-2013), a developer, a writer, a consultant, and a retired lawyer. If you're a developer who is just getting started, consider checking out the BTI website's section for developers for links to code samples and other helpful sites.
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In an attempt to head off idiot spammers, I’ve enabled comment moderation. I also turned on auto-closing of comments on old (60+ days) posts. Legitimate comments will be approved as soon as I get a chance to check for comments. Legitimate comments are those that are related to the post and don’t contain links to irrelevant sites. Linking to your blog/website? Fine. Linking to garbage about perfumes or exotic timeshares? Junked. I reserve the right to junk anything and everything, though I hope I won’t have to junk anything. Expect new tech-related posts soon. Time has been in short supply the past few weeks, but I’ve been busy on some good things.

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