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Suresh Veeragoni, working as a Principal Consultant at Sogeti USA LLC (A subsidiary of Capgemini SA Group), developing SOA & BPM solutions for Businesses using Microsoft CSD products (BizTalk, WF, WCF etc)

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In my opinion Internet Explorer, which is one of the worst product from Microsoft! (Sorry, no offense! its just my opinion and I guess most others feel the same who thinks browser should be more innovative in making us more productive)

How much time it takes to load the about:blank page. why Ctrl+E doesn't go to search box? sick of useless extensions/accelerators, why cant i do paste and go in address bar? why can’t i drag a tab out of tab group? does it ever pass ACID3 test ?

Does it ever pass ACID test? why does anyone look into other browsers on windows (ex: Firefox, chrome, safari), which are claimed faster than IE?!

I feel, Microsoft has a great responsibility in making IE better before they claim a part of cloud platform, where future is supposed to be!

With internet being the main platform, browser plays a vital role in rendering the content, easy to view, faster to be more productive!

Google, Firefox and even Mac made a step ahead and support the rich functionalities, extensions and moved step ahead in supporting the standards like HTML 5.0 (to some extend i heard this is supported) and they are getting creative in utilizing the cloud...

Google wave, Mozilla labs are some of the innovative things to list here where browser being main platform they are enabling the cloud…(I am not listing each and everything here)

I think its time for Microsoft to sit tight and look into future of IE, where they THINK they are doing good job by providing all live functionalities but the reality is not! I would say get more innovative and NEW!

Things I would like to see


2) THINNER means THINNER (less RAM footprint)

3) INNOVATIVE (ex: web collaboration (like Google wave), add-ons (like firefox, opera)…

I wish IE has something better than others, where others could get creative and build a healthy competition

anyways, these are just random thoughts…I am hopeful that in future I use IE for browsing even for non-Microsoft sites (currently I use only for SharePoint related sites)

And before reaching the cloud, I wish Microsoft gets ready with powerful wings (IE)!


Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:44 PM | Back to top

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