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Jason Prickett has a post up on using PowerShell with the Team Build Object Model:

This entry is based on Team Build's next version which is available in a CTP release right now, and will be in Beta very soon (don't ask, I don't know when). In the next version of Team Build, we have included an Object Model (OM) that wraps all the functionality of the Web Services. This makes writing your own apps that need build information, much easier.

As I talk about how to use the methods and objects in the OM, I will show examples using PowerShell commands. PowerShell is an incredible recently new shell for Windows, that allows you to manipulate not just text output by command line apps, but real objects returned from any managed library. If you want to know more (and you should), goto to

As you may or may not know, I'm a Team System junkie (Team System Rocks!, anyone?).  So I'm very interested in any tools I can use to increase my knowledge and power in Team System and Team Foundation Server.  I'll be back to this post once I finally fire up PowerShell.

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Who doesn't love Team System Rocks!?

Welcome (back?) to GWB!
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