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Ive just got around to doing the MCTS BizTalk exam.  Have been meaning to do it for ages but just been too busy, then i noticed that the Free 2nd Shot offer has just come back on so I thought id give it a blast.  See the link below for details:

There is also an MCP offer for 25% off the cost of a MeasureUp practice exam.

My plan was as follows:

1. Do a couple of practice exams

2. Have a crack at the proper exam and if I fail i would have a good idea of what the areas i need to look at are.

3. Study

4. Retake the exam with the free 2nd shot and Pass


My plan didnt really work as I comfortably passed it first time which was obviously good!

Anyway here are a few of my thoughts/tips after doing the exam:

1. Make sure you read the question properly.  You can usually knock out 2 obviously wrong answers on the multiple choice questions straight away and have 2 that might be right.  Often reading the question closely will help you work out which is right when you are not sure.  Reminds me of the most important formula one of my teachers at High School taught me


For those who dont know this means (Read the f***ing question = half the f***ing answer)

2. Be comfortable with which tool does what (particularly for BAM, BRE, and BTSTask)

3. If you need a good resource for studying check out Saravana's diary at the following location

Good luck to anyone who is planning to do the exam


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